Noble County Narcotics officer and K-9 take down drug trafficker

Noble County Sgt. Coney and his partner K-9 Ike - Photo supplied by the Noble County Sheriff's Office

LAOTTO, Ind. (WOWO) – The Noble County Narcotics Unit seized a large amount of crystal methamphetamine on Christmas Eve as a part of a multi-state investigation.

It started on Friday, December 20, one day after the largest methamphetamine seizure ever reported in Noble County, when the Noble County Narcotics Unit learned of another possible drug delivery that may be coming into Noble County.

The Noble County Narcotics Unit began working with officers from other agencies in California on a package tracked from California to LaOtto, Indiana.  The package was tracked to a local delivery company and detained before it was able to be delivered.

After receiving a search warrant, Noble County Sergeant Carey Coney and his K-9 partner Ike searched the package before opening it.  K-9 Ike alerted to the package.  The Narcotics Unit opened the package and found around 32 pounds of crystal methamphetamine.  The drugs were packaged with several items that were meant to deter K-9 units from detecting the drugs.  However, their tactics failed as K-9 Ike was able to find the drugs.

As a result of the investigation, 38-year-old Raul Ruiz of Riverside, California was arrested and is facing charges in California and in Indiana.

The incident remains under investigation by the Noble County Narcotic Unit.


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