Noble County Humane Society tests “Trial Adoptions”

(Photo by Humane Society of Noble County)

KENDALLVILLE, Ind. (WOWO): An area animal rescue organization is testing out a “try before you buy” approach to pet adoption.

Jennifer Getts, executive director of the Humane Society of Noble County, tells WOWO News they’ve started a program called “Trial Adoptions” that hopefully can take some of the pressure off when you’re trying to get to know your new four-legged friend:

“We’ve got people that are adopting animals, and we’re finding that (things) are not working out, and they end up re-homing the animal on their own or through Craigslist,” Getts says. “So we decided to offer what we like to call a ‘test drive.'”

A contract is signed, but no money is exchanged, and you have two weeks to decide whether or not you want to make a lifetime commitment to the animal.

Getts says it can help you figure out if your new pet will have any problems in the home with any existing animals, and if all else fails, the pet gets to go back to a safe place and you don’t feel “stuck” in a bad situation.

Some shelters discourage the practice, saying it can cause depression or at the very least a “setback” to animals who are brought back to the shelter so quickly. Getts disagrees:

“There is no evidence that shows this causes a setback for an animal that is brought back, especially when we give these pets the very best care. You shouldn’t be ‘stuck’ and that pet shouldn’t be in a home where it’s not wanted. In the end it’s what is best for that pet and if your home isn’t the best fit, you bring the pet back and remain in good standing with us.”

You can contact the shelter at (260) 347-2563 with any questions.


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