NIPSCO seeking rate hike

(Photo Supplied/NIPSCO)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): It might cost more to heat your home soon.

NIPSCO is asking the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission for a 17% rate hike on natural gas, according to the Journal Gazette.

The company says if it’s approved, the average residential customer would see an overall increase of $9 a month, with the base monthly charge rising from $14 to $24.50 as well. It would go into effect on September 1st of next year and bring in an extra $115-million a year for the company.

It’ll have to get past a review process and public input sessions first.


  1. Nispco and AEP are crooks. EVERY single year they want to impose a ridiculous rate hike on their customers. Show me where your company is losing money and then we can talk. Between Biden’s inflation and companies like this, my bank account will be empty. But don’t worry, Dementia Joe said their won’t be a “tax hike” on the middle class.

  2. Sure, why not. Everyone should just increase their prices without providing a reason.

    Biden jacked up this Country now all companies need to get a head of inflation. See, you moron Democrats that voted for Traitor Joe, this will be common practice with every company over the next couple of years.

    Thanks to Traitor Joe and his stupid sheep followers.


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