Newly-elected State Senator apologizes for “fat women” post

(Photo Supplied/Sandlin for Senate)

INDIANA (WOWO): A new Indiana State Senator is in damage control mode after people took offense to a Facebook post on Sunday.

The page belonging to State Senator Jack E. Sandlin, a Republican representing the 36th District, which covers southern Indianapolis and areas south. The posting featured a meme that referred to the masses gathered for last weekend’s Women’s March as “fat women out walking.”

Sandlin took down the message but not before screenshots had been widely shared on Facebook and Twitter.

The post in question went up Sunday and showed a photo of a mass of protesters, many in pink hats and carrying signs, with the words “In one day Trump got more fat women out walking than Michelle Obama did in 8 years.”

Sandlin, a rookie senator, deleted the photo and posted a new message about midnight Monday, saying he is unsure how the photo got on his wall, and that people who know him are aware that he does not think about women in that way.


  1. Sorry, but although I find the meme incredibly funny, I generally don’t buy the “I was hacked” or “oh, my, however did THAT happen” defense…


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