New Wind Farm Benefits Communities, Major Companies

WINCHESTER, Ind. (Inside Indiana Business):  Houston-based EDP Renewables North America says commercial operations have begun at the Headwaters II Wind Farm in Randolph County. The company says in addition to the surrounding communities, the nearly 200-megawatt wind farm will provide energy for Facebook (Nasdaq: FB) and Walmart (NYSE: WMT).

The two companies have signed power purchase agreements with EDP Renewables to procure energy produced at the wind farm. Facebook will receive 139 megawatts of power in a 15-year PPA, while Walmart’s long-term PPA will provide 60 megawatts.

Both companies say their goal is to operate with 100% renewable energy and reach net-zero carbon emissions.

“The completion of Headwaters II is an important milestone for EDP Renewables North America and the reliable, low-price energy we work to provide,” said Ryan Brown, an executive vice president at EDP Renewables North America. “On behalf of EDPR NA, we thank Facebook and Walmart for enabling the construction and expansion of this project and for driving our shared goals to provide sustainable operations across the economy.”

Financial details of the two PPAs were not disclosed.

The Headwaters II Win Farm joins the 200-megawatt Headwaters I Wind Farm, which is already in operation. The two locations are part of nearly 1,200 megawatts of renewable energy developed throughout the state by EDPR NA.

The company is currently building the 200-megawatt Riverstart Solar Park in Randolph County and plans to begin constructing the 204-megawatt Indiana Crossroads II Wind Farm in White County.


    • “nearly 200-megawatt wind farm”……

      139 megawatts (Facebook) + 60 megawatts (Walmart) = 199 megawatts (nearly 200-megawatt)

      How much is to benefit “surrounding communities” ?

  1. “Net Zero Carbon Emissions.” How much carbon was emitted making the windmills? How much carbon will be emitted during the recycling of the windmills when they are warn out? There are report saying the windmill blades are impossible to recycle. What about all those carbon emissions?

    Green energy is akin to a mythical perpetual motion machine. Those who seek a carbon neutral society are living in a utopian dream world and lack any understanding about how the world really works.

  2. Wind and solar farms are a blight on the landscape. Ask the Irish, they detest what these wind turbines have done to the landscape. They do nothing to benefit the earth, people, or wildlife. In fact, just the opposite can be said, but let’s keep pushing this feel-good news about green energy because it pushes an agenda. People are FED UP with the propoganda.

  3. I am very familiar with the wind farms in Randolph County. Did you know that the wing tips achieve a height of 500 ft AGL(above ground level) ..and to achieve that distance the concrete pad below ground to hold up these monsters are 5 stories deep??? 75 feet.. permanently altering the aquafers in this, and surrounding counties ( where I live).
    A proposed Next Era/Duke Energy windfarm in Rush,Fayette and Henry County was cancelled over these concerns; the water table is only 35 feet in some areas, changing the flow and drying existing wells for homes.
    The endangered Indiana Bat, Red Tailed Hawks, Eagles have been killed by
    wind turbines; and the composite fiberglass blade structure is non recycleable, buried in landfills; it takes 100’s of gallons of oil to run these massive turbines, and fires often occur.

    To decommission a wind farm field, all the operator has to do is file for bankruptcy and collapse the LLC and walk away. Then the county gets to spend the $ 250,000.00 or more to remove these units, at county cost. Few smaller counties can afford that.

    In one of the projects I was involved in, the utility offered a bond to the property owners to pay for decommission of units, the same offer was missing in the paperwork sent to Commissioners. If these units were built, then abandoned, it they would be a stark reminder of our foolishness.

    Don’t believe the hype, the future of energy does not depend on wind turbines built in China.

  4. How much of these windfarms are subsidized? I don’t want my tax dollars going to Left-wing Nazi Companies that silence Free Speech on their “Public Platform”

    FYI: If you truly want to reduce emissions…try getting China on board. The USA is 10% MAX of all emissions.


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