New grocery for Southeast Fort Wayne nears opening date

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Some relief is coming for the so-called “food desert” in southeast Fort Wayne.

Community leaders and city officials have given the southeast side of town the “food desert” label due to a lack of access to fresh produce, but a grocery store opening soon looks to address that.

“We’re in an area where there is not enough fresh food available to the people who reside here,” Utopian Community Grocery’s Conda Ridley tells our Partners in News at ABC 21.

The grocery is being started up as a joint effort from four families who were frustrated about an apparent lack of interest from other investors. The grocery will feature optional $5-a-month memberships that will give customers a 10% discount on their bill.

A grand opening is set for March at the corner of Oxford and Monroe Streets.


  1. Firstly I have a few issues with the nature of this article. You don’t mention anything about the ownership of the grocery or how they’ve assembled funding. No info from folks in the community who I’m sure can confirm that the area is actually a “food desert”. Terming it “so-called” implies doubt and is frankly condescending. This blurb of an article has zero context and doesn’t really paint much of a picture of what anyone in southeast Ft. Wayne may experience. Why write an article at all if you’re not going to give us proper perspective. While I’m sure this article was written to inform, I don’t think it’s written very well at all.

    • Hi Bleek,

      I certainly didn’t intend to come across as condescending, if that’s how you took my usage of the phrase “food desert.”

      We have covered the issues with a lack of accessible fresh food in multiple prior articles. The context is there. Also, we linked to our news partners’ article, which does go into more detail.

      Thank you for your feedback and I appreciate your time!


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