Nearly 60% of Ohio to be under mask mandate as virus spreads

Photo Supplied - Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A day after a statewide address pushing the importance of personal responsibility in combating the coronavirus, Gov. Mike DeWine ordered nearly 60% of Ohioans to wear a mask in public Thursday.

The Republican governor has been facing a bumpy road out of the state’s shutdown, opting to issue countywide mask mandates rather than covering the whole state, but he continues to make the point that Ohioans, more than him, have the power to defeat COVID-19.

On Thursday, the state reported 1,290 daily cases, with 28 deaths and 115 virus-related hospitalizations. The numbers of daily cases are more than double what they were last month as the state was beginning to ease into reopening businesses.

DeWine said the state is now “sliding down a very dangerous path” as the majority of the infections in each of the counties listed as red on the state’s color-coded alert system happened outside of congregate settings and some of it from travel to states like Florida and Arizona.

In Ohio, 19 counties, more than half of the state’s population, are now listed as red on the alert system. Residents of each of those counties are required to wear a mask when in public.

Athens county, which is now on the state’s watch list, has had more COVID-19 cases in the last two weeks than they have had during the whole pandemic, DeWine said during the briefing.

Athens county officials reported at least three outbreaks at local bars, all of which have now closed after some staff tested positive.


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