NCGA on Imported Fertilizers

The U.S. Department of Commerce issued a final determination this week, saying that urea ammonium nitrate fertilizer exported to the U.S. was subsidized and sold at less than normal value in the U.S. market during its period of investigation.

While an important step in the process, the ruling will not on its own lead to the placement of duties on nitrogen fertilizers shipped into the country. The final stage in the process is expected later this summer when the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) makes a final ruling on the matter.

Brooke S. Appleton, vice president of public policy at the National Corn Growers Association said,
“Placing tariffs on nitrogen fertilizers will land yet another blow to farmers, who are already dealing with a host of issues,” said “Farming is hard enough in the current environment. Farmers can’t do what they do with one hand tied behind their backs. And actions like these, pushed by fertilizer companies, will tie the hands of farmers.”

NCGA spoke during the recent hearing held by ITC, telling commissioners that tariffs on nitrogen fertilizers will place an undue burden on farmers by creating additional fertilizer shortages and unwarranted price hikes.


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