National School Choice Week begins Monday

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NATIONWIDE, (WOWO) – Do you know where your child will attend school next fall?

January 20-26 is National School Choice Week and students, parents, teachers and community leaders across the country are planning more than 40,500 events and activities to shine a spotlight on effective education options.

In Indiana alone, almost 1,000 different events and activities are being planned for this week.

Since its inception in 2011, School Choice Week has raised awareness about the different education opportunities available to children and families – from traditional public schools to public charter schools, magnet schools, online academies and more. has provided tips for parents on how to choose the best school for their children/family:

  1. Use National School Choice Week and its resources. Click here to learn about different schooling options in your area.
  2. Decide what matters to you and your family. Answer this question: In what type of environment will my child/children be inspired, successful and happy?
  3. Do some online research, making a list of schools that match your criteria.
  4. Set up school visits with the top schools on your list. (And bring your children with you!) After your visits, sit down as a family and talk.
  5. Talk to other parents and seek their honest feedback. However, keep in mind every child is different, and one family’s experiences might not reflect on your own.

To find out more information, and to find out what events are happening near you, visit


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