NACS Teaching assistant claims she was fired over mask rules

Image by Juraj Varga from Pixabay

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Network Indiana): A classroom assistant at a high school in Fort Wayne says she was fired because she refused to wear a mask in school. Claire South says the rules at Northwest Allen County Schools say masks are required only if you cannot socially distance 6 feet apart.

She says she was more than six feet away from students in her study hall class — and that she even had it measured out — but she says the principal at Carroll High School ignored that and pushed her out this week when she refused to put a mask on.

However, some anonymous NACS staffers say they were told to wear masks around students regardless of whether or not they were six feet away.

The school district began requiring masks this week, through October 14th.


  1. When will these school stooges STOP listening the lying CDC. Masks do not work. No study shows they do work. Many show they do not work. But when the CDC lies, the state health department lies, the local health department lies, and most importantly the politicians and media lie and cancel anyone who disagrees the country is DOOMED. We are NO LONGER a free People. We are being conditioned to blindly follow the elitists from DC. Why haven;t the media investigated these lies. There are plenty of legitimate doctors who know the truth. Ask yourself why up to 40% of medical workers refuse the vaccine. Well it isn’t really a vaccine because it has no better efficacy than the annual flu shot. So it is a shot not a vaccine. I wore my mask out in public yet still got Covid. Many people get the shot and still get Covid and some die from Covid.Yet you can get hit by a dump truck crossing a street. the coroner will say you died of Covid even though you died of dump truck blunt force trauma. Coroners and doc tors lie too it seems.

    • You are the reason why covid is still going. If if wasnt for “free thinkers” like yourself we would be past this. Instead you base your decisions on politics that you just started watching because somehow politics became cool over the last few years. The sheep is you because for all out through history we have followed rules and guidelines to keep not only ourselves but also the community safe. Science shows masks and vaccines work not your petty politics. Get over yourself and your freedoms, it is for the greater good of society to mitigate the spread.

      • Wrong. You have done 0 research. We would not be “passed this” if everyone wore masks and complied with the lies. The reason for that,this virus affects animals too. And that means it will always have a safe place to live and restructure. This WILL NEVER,EVER,GO AWAY!. It cannot be killed,because it cannot be controlled. Once you read something and realize that it will now be here forever,you will start to realize that the panic they have put you in(shame on your for being stupid) is needless,and overhyped. You say it’s about politics,but you then to refuse to find the interviews from A YEAR AGO, where Biden,Harris,and other top dems saying they will not get the vaccine when Trump is in office. I promise,it’s out there for anyone to see. Do some research please. Quit being a brainwashed moron who is panicking about a virus that has been proven to have extremely exaggerated death #’s. You do realize the government is subsidizing hospitals for covid deaths,correct? Why have flu cases all but disappeared during the past year and a half? How is it a flu shot,but this is called a vaccine,even though it’s not permanent(they are now telling people to get a 3rd shot) and there’s no cure? The government is playing you,because you refuse to believe that they could be serving their own agenda. You are the problem. Do better, brainwashed

  2. The ultimate problem is that good people trust what the Government and national media is telling them and really don’t have the time to invest in research for themselves. The Government can print Trillions of dollars to throw at all these different departments (Health, Education, etc.) and attach requirements to these dollars. Because of that, the Government can push what every BS they want and a large enough population will go along with it.

    At the same time, people aren’t being taught how to think in schools and to no longer be an individual…be apart of the group (group think). School apparently aren’t teaching their Rights and Freedoms as outline by the Constitution either, otherwise they wouldn’t be so quick to do everything the Government directs them to do.

    So sad…

  3. What do you know, 2 other news stories on WOWO as to how the government pushes control with funding: “Indiana schools get incentive to require classroom masks” & “Area schools receive safety grants”

    There you have it….

  4. I can’t understand why this is on all the news. Some people say masks don’t work, I am sick with Covid right now, I wonder if she ever had Covid, it is awful, a would not want a single child or teacher to go through and to to take every precaution to protect the children and other staff, and if a mask is required , just do it, keep our children safe, but instead she is going on all over the news and Facebook complaining because she doesn’t want to wear a mask. Unbelievable. I wouldn’t want my children in her class

  5. I haven’t had a cold or flu or Covid, thankfully, since mask wearing began. We do not congregate indoors with mask and Covid denying individuals either though. Masks do work. Me and my students will continue to wear them to keep everyone safe and in school. It’s not a freedom issues, it’s a public health issue.

    • Hey stupid….masks don’t work. Fauci himself said so,before changing his mind for the 3rd time. It’s a VIRUS, virus particles are too small to be filtered by masks. A masks will protect against “droplets”…not particles. The TV is not a reliable source of information. Do some reading while you are laying around with the flu,when you recover,be smarter and see through the lies. Also…if you wore a mask(which you strongly support per your earlier comment) how did you get covid? You are either wrong,or a hypocrite. Either way,do better.

    • So masks do work?…so how have all these people contracted covid while wearing a mask? Seems contradictory doesn’t it? Think moron!

    • You do realize,that if we would have given people covid test 5 years ago,people with flu would come back as positive,correct? That means that the virus could not even exist yet,and still people would have testesd positive,if they had the flu virus. The test cannot tell the difference,there is no real covid test,it doesn’t come out until January. But you believe what they tell you,because they told you. Wouldn’t expect any less from a public school teacher,you have been buying into brain washing for a long time. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  6. It’s ridiculous that we have to keep having this conversation. Facebook memes are not evidence. Doctors who think diseases are caused by demons having sex with humans should not only not be taken seriously, they should have their license revoked.

    The vaccine debate is settled easily: how many people do you know with smallpox or polio?

    Chances are nearly 100% that the answer is none.

    Why is that? Vaccines.

    As for people’s individual rights, it was settled in 1905 by the Supreme Court that social emergencies and the welfare of the community as a whole override personal freedoms.

    You can choose not to wear a mask. You can choose to not get vaccinated. Your personal choice is not void of consequences, and society is not obligated to put up with your nonsense. That’s why most businesses require people to be fully clothed while shopping or working. It’s not just a matter of modesty, it is a matter of hygene.

    Closures of businesses due to outbreaks of disease are not unheard of, nor are face coverings. Look back at the flu in the early 1900s.

    Stop whining, wear a mask. Or stay home. Your rights are not being violated.

    • I love it when some MORON claims that decisions are “settled”. Just shows ignorance of anyone making that statement. If it was “Settled”, it would be the Law of the Land and the Government could just claim anything word be a “Social emergency” and all our “personal freedoms” go away.

      life, liberty, or property, without due process of law (5th A)… and NONE of this is LAW, whether State or Federal.

      Ever notice that many “Settled” court cases get overturned and/or sent back to the SC? Its a rare SC that would actually vote to limit the Federal Government Power as outline in the Constitution.

      You should go back to school and actually learn about this Country since you don’t think Rights are being violated, but you are too obtuse and enjoy running around with the other sheep

      By the way, let me know when they have a legit “Vaccine” for this Covid and I will take it. Otherwise, go get bent, and stop trying to push [masks= clothing] you moron

  7. True vaccines (the polio and small pox’s referred above) are herd immunized and work over the life span of most people and these vaccines took YEARS to perfect not months.

    Then we have the “infamous flu shots” that require boosters every year with several different strands. Ironically, we didn’t have to wear masks and the death rate was comparable to those with covid. I only say that for the sake of the numbers being fudged over true covid death. AND imagine we were not mandated to take shots or wear mask or threatened with unemployment because we decided not to do so.

    The mask I see on people in today’s society is nothing more than a fashion show. No protection whatsoever or so minimal that one small oops and the rest is history. Having spent several years in the medical field-I know the “correct kind” of mask to wear (N95) and “when” to properly use one. Wearing a mask everywhere you go and all day is a health issue waiting on a place to happen. Most are only wearing for the sake of being compliant with society for fear of being fired, ridiculed, and isolated. Same with the shot.
    Last time I knew if you take an otherwise healthy individual and you isolate them to protect yourself… you have violated rights.


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