NACS Sends Email To Parents After KB Interview

As heard during “Fort Wayne’s Morning News,” Kayla discusses the e-mail that went out to parents within Northwest Allen County Schools following her interview with Allen County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy, Troy Hershberger last week.

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  1. Wow, thank you for confirming why I no longer listen to WOWO, especially in the morning. WOWO used to be a valued and trusted news source, a place where Fort Wayne and the surrounding area could tune in for trusted and accurate news and information. This is not news, this is slanted, biased storytelling at best. Perhaps you should consider a different profession, maybe something along the lines of young adult fiction? It’s sad that this is being marketed as factual news and information. Just plain sad.

    • We’ve consistently been presenting both sides of this story from the beginning, as you can easily find by searching through our stories tagged “NACS.” While you apparently no longer listen to us, thanks all the same for stopping by!

      • I have to completely agree with you, I have listened to all the information on this topic and believe we are getting all of the information fairly and balanced. I have to say Joy seems upset that the story apparently reveals a truth she is not willing to hear.


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