NACS announces location of next elementary school

(Photo Supplied/NACS)

ALLEN COUNTY, Ind. (WOWO): Northwest Allen County Schools officials have chosen a location for the district’s 8th elementary school.

According to a news release issued late Monday night, the district has chosen a field off Hathaway Road between Bethel Road and State Road 3, near Carroll Middle School, as the location for the $1.4-million building.

The approximately 98-acre property will house the new elementary school on the far west while leaving room for future expansions or facilities if necessary. Construction starts next spring and should wrap up in time for the 2020 – 2021 school year.


  1. Why are we always informed by the media Allen County’s school system is cash-strapped? Now they have the millions to build a new elementary school? We’re also bombarded with news how teacher’s have to use their own money for school supplies. There was a story about the salaries for the top wage earned by FWCS employees earning more than $100,000 but no follow up story. It would be stunning if the any local media outlet could delve a bit deeper where our taxes are actually going and continue to do so. I’m sure all persons living and working in Allen county would be very interested in this.


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