Mitchell’s Sports Bar closed after confrontation between officials and owner over COVID-19 orders

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Mitchell’s Sports Bar near Time Corners was closed on Monday afternoon, after a routine visit by Indiana Excise Police and The Allen County Department of Health turned combative.

Our Partners in News at ABC-21 report that officials found unmasked employees, crowded bar seating and a small, self-serve buffet, all in direct violation of Governor Holcomb’s executive orders.

Numerous visits over the summer found mask violations and that social distancing was not being observed. Officials say they had tried to explain to the owner, Todd Smith, and managers, the reason that masks and other measures were needed.

In a routine visit Wednesday, Smith reportedly became “verbally aggressive” toward officials and also uncooperative to the point that the Fort Wayne Police Department was called by Excise Police, who then shut the bar down.

An attorney for Smith says a private Christmas Party was underway at the time of the visit. Smith now says he’s working with local health officials to get the bar re-opened again and noted his frustration that many of his employees suffered economically during mandatory shut downs earlier this year.


  1. Sadly if this was a private party of people in close contact on a daily bases then it should not have been closed. With 40years in science I wear a mask because the data implies that it helps. If forced to show sound fact based research proving that masks work with the same level of proof that reducing blood pressure in someone with a very high BP to a normal BP reduces stroke risk I could not find that info. Mask use is a perceived beneficial but not a truly scientifically proven one. It seams to me however to be an acceptable headache for a potential benefit. However mandatory closings etc. with all of the financial complications like no food , homelessness, severe mental health issues are not acceptable options. Comparing world wide numbers we have yet to prove the closings made a statistical improvement when you factor in all of the complications caused by the closings.

  2. The burden of proof is on those who would impose masks, and the data is not on their side. There is /no/ evidence that masks help in a measurable way. The mechanistic bench studies do not apply.

    Gov. Holcomb needs to lift the mask mandate immediately.


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