McCormick Ponders 2024 Run For Indiana Governor

(Photo supplied/Yorktown Community Schools)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO):  Indiana’s Former Superintendent of Public Instruction is pondering a potential run for Governor in 2024.  Jennifer McCormick was in Fort Wayne Wednesday afternoon as questions swirl over a potential run for governor. During her address, McCormick talked with our partners in news at 21Alive about a number of issues including education, reproductive health care and the economy.

The former Republican, turned Democrat, stopped in Fort Wayne as part of her statewide Listening Tour. She says she recently launched an Exploratory Committee for governor and McCormick says she hopes to bring new ideas to the table. McCormick says if she decides to run, it’ll be as a Democrat.


  1. All you need to know is she is a former superintendent of public instruction. STAY AWAY from all elected officials that were education bureaucrats. NEVER vote for one of them. They will kow-tow to the unions thereby destroying your kid’s chance for a good education. In the South Bend Area the Rolling Prairie Superintendent/School Board are opening up bathrooms to either sex. They claim they are following federal guidelines. They claim they must follow them. THEY ARE WRONG. Guidelines are NOT laws. There is nothing in the US Constitution that gives the federal government any control over local schools. They do not have to follow those skeevy “guidelines.” They can refuse. They work for the parents/taxpayers of the school district. They do not work for Dopey King Xo the Idiot of Brandonville and hair-sniffer of young women administration.

  2. Anybody that admits to being a Democrat and supports the National Democrat [Communist] Party with everything that is going on in this Country today should be ashamed of themselves and should be committed to a mental institution…. They are blind to facts, reality, logic, reason, emotional stability and have no business Leading our State.

    Even Democrat Women will be voting for the GOP this November*, but this Communist Democrat thinks she has a shot at Indiana in 2024 because we currently have Globalist Holcomb as Governor now? Hopefully Our Globalist Governor’s replacement Republican will be pro-Constitution…..I would rather vote for someone that could be OK as Governor than vote for someone I know is a terrible anti-American communist democrat for Indiana Governor.

    Indiana GOP: you are on notice to Vet out a pro-constitution replacement for Globalist Holcomb.

    *Source – NYT article 10-19-2022

  3. It appears that there are a lot of hysterical fear mongers replying to this article. Using common sense is a better approach. I for one would welcome more partisan diversity in the State.


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