Mayor’s Office Responds To Republican City Council Members

Mayor Tom Henry's Letter Issued Tuesday

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO):  The letter drafted by Five Fort Wayne City Councilmen directed to Mayor Tom Henry has caused quite the stir.

In a response released Tuesday by the Mayor’s office, Henry rebutted allegations from the five Republican members of City Council that offered criticisms of his own.

Henry’s office immediately rebuked the claim that approval was required, noting that the money would come from the Group Health Insurance Fund — which does not require Council consent — and said that members of the body had indeed been notified in advance.

In Tuesday’s more detailed response, Henry said he wanted to “clear up some misinformation” about the plan.


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    • …to be fair, I did invite Jason over a few times to cuddle and to do other things to me I won’t get in to. I must have given him the wrong impression that anything goes. Sorry, I felt bad after writing my last comment.

  2. Hi, I’m Tom Henry. I have made my brothers very rich over the years with various real estate deals.

    I was going to retire after my 4th term like I said in the last election, but the DNC wants me to run for a 5th term so that I can implement Communism in Fort Wayne if needed for population control, as some fellow Democrats have done in their Cities. Can’t give up a blue foothold in Red Country!


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