Lutheran Hospital debuts new breast cancer treatment

(Photo Supplied/Lutheran Hospital)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A new breast cancer treatment option at an area hospital cuts weeks of radiation therapy down to one dose.

Doctors at Lutheran Hospital are using a new treatment course for certain early-stage breast cancer patients that could reduce their number of treatments considerably. The approach, called intraoperative radiation therapy, combines the removal of a tumor with the delivery of concentrated radiation to the cancerous area immediately after surgery but before the incision is closed.

The first three patients in northern Indiana to recieve the new treatment had their procedures done at Lutheran Hospital yesterday.

“We anticipate intraoperative radiation therapy will be a game changer in how we treat breast cancer,” said Rachel Hayes, MD, breast oncology surgeon, Lutheran Medical Group. “This treatment is great because a woman can come in with cancer and leave with the vast majority of her treatment complete.”


“Our practice is pleased to collaborate with Dr. Hayes to bring intraoperative radiotherapy in the treatment of certain early stage breast cancer patients at Lutheran Hospital,” said R.V. Prasad Mantravadi, MD, Radiation Oncology Associates. “Intraoperative radiotherapy is delivering a single fraction of radiation dose to the breast tissue surrounding the lumpectomy cavity at the time of surgery.”


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