Library doc: “contain” book disposal stories

"stockport library - books" by Holiday Gems, some rights reserved

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The controversy over how the Allen County Public Library handles the so-called “weeding” of their book collection continues.

The library has been under fire since December, after the Journal Gazette ran an article alleging the library had disposed of 1.4-million books within a three-year time period. The items ranged from duplicate listings or incorrectly-labeled e-books to “less popular and out-of-date” items.

However, a Public Relations Plan document obtained by Fort Wayne’s NBC shows the library used their PR team to try to “contain” the story to just the Journal Gazette and to appeal to other media agencies by recommending alternative story topics and tours of the facility.

Find the document here.

Spokesperson Stephanny Smith says the Library has “heard and addressed” the community’s concerns in “multiple ways.”


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