Lee Kelso on Leronlimab

Lee Kelso, host of WOWO’s Health Call Live Saturdays from 9-10 a.m., joins to discuss a COVID-19 breakthrough with Leronlimab.

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  1. Gentlemen, Congratulations, you have come across the unsung hero, and what is going to be the REAL scoop in combating Covid 19… Leronlimab… Your audience is going to remember you brought this to their attention, and very possibly helped save a friend or loved one….. Seriously.

  2. Leronlimab therapy DOES NOT NEED to be teamed up with any other drug I heard this from Dr. Bruce Patterson. He said why would you want to use another drug that has side effects. Leronlimab can work on both mild and severe cases of Covad-19 with no drug side effects.

  3. Ditto Roderick Harron’s comment above and ditto Don’s as well. This audio program is a really helpful careful explanation of the value of this exciting potential #Covid-19 treatment coming out of HIV and cancer research trials (on 800+ patients). The CytoDyn website is a good place to review the background. See also some well presented graphics, in-depth discussions and Dr. Bruce Patterson interviews on the YouTube channels of two MDs: “Dr Yo” and “Dr Hansen.” #Leronlimab was used at Montefiore in the Bronx, very apparently (“anecdotally”) saving several severely critically ill patients. The paper on this emergency investigational new drug (EIND) use is available in pre-print status on the usual servers; peer review is in progress. Two important trials are underway now, one for mild to moderate and another for severe Covid-19. It is good to see word about this is beginning to get around. Kudos to all responsible for this still relatively early important coverage.

  4. Spread the word on this. It should be taken as soon as RANTES is found to be elevated. Not just for severe/ critical cases. Also for mild and moderate cases. Don’t take remdesivir. Barely works. Our FDA is asleep at the wheel. Big Pharma trying to crush this, at the cost of more deaths. Don’t let that happen to you and your loved ones.


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