Keesling, Henry: time to “move on” from scandal

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): It’s time to move on.

That’s the sentiment shared by both Fort Wayne City Clerk Lana Keesling and Mayor Tom Henry over their argument about a parking ticket that led to Keesling accusing Henry of bullying and retaliation, and releasing a recording of a conversation between the two as proof.

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She tells WOWO news why she released that audio:

“There have been two responses from the mayor: first was that this is a disagreement between two people, the other was that I was upset about the parking spot that he removed from me, and that’s not the case… it’s the retaliation, the bullying, and the threat of further retaliation.”

Henry tells WOWO News the whole thing got blown out of proportion.

“For gosh sakes, it’s a parking ticket and a parking space. That’s it. We’ve got so many neat things going on in this city, so many opportunities, can’t we just put this behind us?”

You can hear Keesling’s full interview here, and Henry’s full interview here.



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