Karen Richards to run for re-election as Allen County Prosecutor

(WOWO) Fort Wayne, Ind.- Karen Richards, who was first elected as Allen County’s first female prosecutor in 2002, told the Journal Gazette Thursday at the Auto Center of her intentions to run for re-election.

Richards was attending an announcement downtown about an initiative to stop violence among young black men.

Richards has yet to file her candidacy with the Allen County Election Board, but has until next Friday to do so. As of Thursday, no one has came to say that they are running against Richards in the May 8th Republican primary election. No Democrats have filed to run against Richards yet either.


  1. I am a Black Conservative Aboriginal (Republican) who believes Karen Richards does more harm to the black community than good. “Richards announcement downtown about an initiative to stop violence among young black men” is one of idle degradation to the black community. Its her attempt at pandering to the black communities. She is a Rhino Democrat in Republican clothing. She is your Mitt Romney and John McCain of Fort Wayne. And her support for Black Lives Matter further solidifies her view towards the Black community. The Black Lives Matter group is equivalent to the outdated Ku Klux Klan group in the not too distant past. If she runs, and we elect her, its like electing a Democrat. The Black Community needs to wake up, pull away from BLM, The Democrat Party, and stop electing your oppressors. I have witnessed first hand, second hand, witness verbal abuse towards blacks. Yes, i do hold a distrust, and dislike for Karen due to her views and handling of Blacks and her shady performances to get elected by the black vote.

  2. She must be voted out. Her office does nothing. We have to get an America First Republican because the Democrats and the RINO’s sure and the hell aren’t going to do anything. I can’t stand her.


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