Justice Dept.: Comey violated FBI policies

"FBI Director Speaks on Civil Rights and Law Enforcement at Conference" by fbi, CC BY-SA 2.0

WASHINGTON (AP): The Justice Department’s inspector general says former FBI Director James Comey violated FBI policies in his handling of memos documenting private conversations with President Donald Trump.

The watchdog office says Comey broke FBI rules by giving a memo containing unclassified information to a friend with instructions to share the contents with a reporter.

The office also says Comey failed to notify the FBI after he was fired that he had retained some of the memos in a safe at home.

Comey wrote a series of memos about conversations with Trump he says unnerved him. He says he wanted to make a record of the interactions because he was concerned Trump might later lie about them.

The Justice Department has already decided that it won’t prosecute Comey over the matter.


  1. What a shocker that he violated FBI policies and nothing will be done to him. Once again, it has been proven there are two set of rules and laws, a set for We the People and a set for them…..go figure.


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