Judge Rules Indiana Governor’s Case Can Continue

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO):  A Marion County Judge Has Spoken and says Governor Eric Holcomb’s case can continue.  Marion Superior Court Judge Patrick Dietrick dealt Attorney General Todd Rokita another blow Tuesday when he denied a request to pause a case about constitutional powers for an immediate appeal, according to the Journal Gazette.

This means Governor Eric Holcomb’s case questioning the constitutionality of a new law will now move forward instead of moving to the Indiana Court of Appeals. Rokita’s earlier attempt to toss the lawsuit was denied, and on Tuesday the appeal attempt – with no explanation.

At issue is whether the legislature can call itself into emergency session despite the Indiana Constitution giving that power to the governor.


  1. The People of Indiana made a huge mistake re-electing eric holcomb. He is a unrepentant tyrant and should be ousted and his powers limited. By suing the legislature he is essentially suing THE PEOPLE OF INDIANA. When a public official becomes an enemy of THE PEOPLE he is no longer a legitimate leader in a Republic such as ours.

  2. Indiana Needs a Choice Election so that other, Non-Authoritarian Governor Candidates have a chance such as with Rainwater in the last election. Nobody would vote for Rainwater knowing that it might split the vote and give the Win to a Nazi (Democrat), which would be slightly worse than what we have now with Moderate-Democrat Governor Holcomb (I call it like I see it).

    If we had a Choice election, people could pick their 1,2,3 etc…choice without fear of splitting the vote and giving a Nazi the win.


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