Judge frees man held 3 years after molesting acquittals

VALPARAISO, Ind. (AP): A Portage man held without bond for three years has been acquitted of four counts of child molesting and ordered immediately released from jail.

Porter Superior Court Judge Bill Alexa’s order comes after it was discovered that one of the two purported victims made up at least part of the accusations and the prosecutor didn’t share that information with the defense. The judge ordered 39-year-old Eric Knowles released from jail on his own recognizance Thursday while awaiting disposition of a final molestation count involving a third child.

Alexa also said he’s referring the matter involving Deputy Prosecutor Trista Hudson to the Indiana Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Commission for review.

The (Munster) Times reports Porter County Prosecutor Brian Gensel said the lapse was inadvertent and the state accepts the court’s ruling.


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