Johnson & Johnson issues sunscreen recall over cancer risk


NATIONWIDE (WOWO): Check your sunscreen.

Johnson & Johnson has issued a voluntary recall of specific Neutrogena and Aveeno aerosol sunscreen products due to the presence of low levels of benzene, which is a known carcinogen.

The company says the recall only impacts aerosol sunscreen products, specifically the following:

  • NEUTROGENA® Beach Defense® aerosol sunscreen,
  • NEUTROGENA® Cool Dry Sport aerosol sunscreen,
  • NEUTROGENA® Invisible Daily™ defense aerosol sunscreen,
  • NEUTROGENA® Ultra Sheer® aerosol sunscreen, and
  • AVEENO® Protect + Refresh aerosol sunscreen.

If you own any of them, stop using them immediately and call 800-458-1673 to ask for a refund. Find more details here.


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