ISTEP+ scores for Indiana schools released

"Exam" by Alberto G., some rights reserved

INDIANA, (WOWO) – The Indiana Department of Education released the 2017 ISTEP+ results Wednesday.

Performance remained stable across grades 3-8, and rose slightly for Grade 10.

ISTEP+ assesses English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics in grades 3-8 and 10, Science in grades 4, 6 and 10, and Social Studies in grades 5 and 7.

The percentage of students who passed both Math and ELA in Fort Wayne schools are as follows:

  • Fort Wayne Community Schools – 39.3%
  • Northwest Allen County Schools – 71%
  • MSD Southwest Allen County Schools – 64.9%
  • East Allen County Schools – 51.8%

Surrounding counties ranked relatively similar.

  • Adams Central Community Schools – 63%
  • DeKalb County Central – 51.8%

Find a full list of Indiana schools’ ISTEP+ scores online at


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