ISP: Police using “extra caution” after shootings

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): It seems to be a season of violence, as controversial police-involved shootings have led to a number of police officers being killed, including three in Baton Rouge Sunday.

Sgt. Ron Galaviz of the Indiana State Police tells WOWO news it’s a scary time to be a cop:

“We know we live in a very turbulent time. Society’s on edge right now. We haven’t gotten any direct threats, but other police agencies have,” Galaviz says, citing a recent attack on an Indianapolis officer’s home.

Galaviz points out that the community has been far more supportive than any amount of negativity he’s seen.

“The outpouring of support we’ve had, the well-wishes, the prayers, the cards, the goodies, they don’t go unnoticed. They’re very appreciated.”

A number of State Troopers have been deployed to provide security for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week, and Galaviz adds while officers don’t feel exactly safe, they’re committed to their jobs.

He added that the Indiana State Police has the officers in Baton Rouge, and their families, in their thoughts and prayers.


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