Investigation underway after toddler is found unresponsive in Ossian home

("Police Car Lights" by Scott Davidson, CC BY 2.0)

OSSIAN, Ind. (WOWO) – The Ossian Police Department responded to a call for medical assistance on the 7th claiming a child had fallen out of a crib and was not breathing properly.

Upon arrival, officers noticed the child was not reacting as she should, according to our partners in news at ABC21.  According to EMS, the child did not react after they inserted the needle for an IV drip and was also not verbal.  The 18-month-old was not breathing properly and her legs were stiff.

The man who was with the girl at the time indicated that he had changed her diaper and put her back into the crib while he changed.  He then had heard something and went back to find that she was on the floor.

The child was taken to a hospital in Fort Wayne.  The incident is now under investigation by the Wells County Prosecutor.


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