Indiana University is requiring face coverings on all campuses

(Photo supplied/Indiana University)

STATEWIDE (WOWO) – Indiana University has announced that it will require face coverings at all times on all IU campuses when classes resume.

The requirement applies to all students, staff, and visitors that are on campus.  The university has said they will provide all students, staff, and faculty members with two masks, according to our partners in news at ABC 21.

Officials with IU said face coverings should be worn while teaching, walking to the bathroom or laundry room in residence halls, and while interacting with other people.

Currently, the university is working on plans on how to enforce the new order, which began on June 1.


  1. By order of Comrade Stalin, all citizens will be required… Please make authorities aware of any citizen who does not conform. Feel free to denounce your neighbors who are not on board with the progroms… I swear- popular opinions are a dangerous substitute for common sense.

  2. I’m surprised Ball State hasn’t come out with the face mask requirement/enforcement. They are another Fascist university.


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