Indiana Tech proposal attracts opponents

(Photo Supplied/Indiana Tech)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A plan for Indiana Tech to build a new sports complex at Memorial Park is meeting some strong opposition.

Calling it an “insult” to the park’s history, opponents of the proposal to invest $6.4-million for a new softball field, track and field facility and office building spoke out in a Fort Wayne Parks Board meeting Thursday.

The Journal Gazette reports that they also felt that clearing off the land required would be an “assault” on the park’s unique beauty and the fallen soldiers honored by it.

The college announced last week it would partner with the city to attract and hold sporting events, with construction tentatively slated for June.


  1. so a private school wants to take away a memorial to fallen soldiers and make a community park into a private area. the school is mostly attended by out of country students and now they want destroy the neiborhood. shame on them.


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