Indiana State Police “Operation Highway Heat” results in many arrests

(Photo Supplied/ Indiana State Police)

STATEWIDE (WOWO) – Operation Highway Heat, an Indiana State Police initiative in north central Indiana, resulted in the arrest of 109 people on 177 drug related charges.

Operation Highway Heat is designed to help put an end to the flow of narcotics into Indiana.  The object was for officers to enforce traffic laws and catch people who used the roadways in Indiana to transport and distribute illegal narcotics.

U.S. 31 was chosen as a target road as it is heavily traveled and it goes right through the heart of northern Indiana.  Officers want to warn that as the summer temperatures increase, their vigilance to keep drugs out of Hoosier homes will also increase.

From June 25 through June 27, 109 arrests were made with 177 drug related charges.  Seventeen of the charges were felonies.  Drugs seized during the initiative are cocaine, LSD, methamphetamine, marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms, edible marijuana food, marijuana candy, MDMA, THC oil, prescription medications and also drug paraphernalia.  All of the contraband was found during traffic stops.

92 traffic tickets were written and 374 written warnings were issued.  Officers also made two arrests involving impaired driving.

Many departments throughout northern Indiana teamed up with the Indiana State Police in their efforts.  Officers assisting were from the Miami County Sheriff’s Department, Peru Police Department, Fulton County Sheriff’s Department, Cass County Sheriff’s Department, Wabash County Sheriff’s Department, Jonesboro Police Department, the Grant County J.E.A.N. Team and various K-9 officers.

Sergeant Dan Prus from the Indiana State Police organized and oversaw the patrols for the initiative.  Prus says “This is the ninth straight year we have organized a summer driving season kickoff patrol.  Unfortunately we still have people transporting illegal narcotics through Indiana. Hopefully these patrols serve as a warning that police officers will utilize all of the resources at the disposal to catch and arrest those who transport, distribute or use illegal drugs. Remember, just because you are traveling to a state that has legalized a specific narcotic, that does not mean it is legal to transport nor possess in Indiana.”

The Indiana State police urges citizens to call local law enforcement with any information on the possession, distribution and selling of illegal drugs in Indiana.  You can also contact the Indiana State Police Drug and Gang Hotline anonymously at 1-800-453-4756.


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