Indiana Senate approves bill to make firefly state insect

By Bruce Marlin - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5, Link

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A firefly would become Indiana‘s official state insect under a bill approve by the state Senate.

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The measure recognizing the Say’s Firefly cleared the Senate on a 48-0 vote Tuesday. However, House Speaker Brian Bosma is less enthusiastic about the bill. He was non-committal when asked about its changes of passing.

Students from Cumberland Elementary School in West Lafayette have campaigned for the recognition for several years. This year Gov. Eric Holcomb took on their cause and made it part of his legislative agenda.

The insect was named by entomologist Thomas Say in 1826 while he lived in the southwestern Indiana town of New Harmony.

The pupils have argued that the lightning bug best represents Indiana because of its agricultural benefits and place in American history.



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