Indiana meth lab busts drop

(Photo Supplied/Mercer County Sheriff)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO): There’s some potential good news in Indiana’s fight against meth.

New laws that limit the over-the-counter sale of pseudoephedrine – a drug found in common cold remedies – have led to a 36% drop in meth lab busts statewide, according to statistics from the Indiana State Police.

Between July and September state troopers found 209 meth labs; in 2015 that number was 328 over the same time period. The number of children who had to be removed from homes where a meth lab was discovered is also down by almost 48% for the year.

Auburn State Representative Ben Smaltz, who spearheaded the law limiting pseudephedrine sales, says the stats “signify the hard work” by both police and lawmakers fighting meth production.


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