Indiana lawmakers advance bill banning transgender athletes

Photo Supplied / Indiana Statehouse

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (AP):  Indiana lawmakers advanced a Republican-backed bill Monday that would ban transgender women and girls from participating in school sports that match their gender identity.

The bill would prohibit students who were born male but identify as female from participating in a sport or on an athletic team that is designated for women or girls. But it wouldn’t prevent students who identify as female or transgender men from playing on men’s sports teams.

House education committee chair Rep. Bob Behning of Indianapolis said the bill, which now heads to the full House, is supported by a “majority” of House Republicans.

The legislation drew nearly three hours of testimony in the committee on Monday, with opponents maintaining that it’s unconstitutional, sexist and bigoted.

“Sports are promoted for K through 12 kids not so they can become scholarship, pro athletes, but because … sports participation builds self esteem, positive mental health outcomes, self confidence and scholastic achievement,” said Emma Vosicky, executive director of GenderNexus, an Indianapolis-based social service agency for trans and nonbinary people and their families. “(This bill) wants to strip these benefits from a whole category of children as punishment for their experience and understanding of their gender.”


  1. Emma Vosicky is mentally Ill/removed from reality and should seek help….

    Besides teaching these young kids that they can be whatever gender they want IS CHILD ABUSE, Allowing Males to participate in Women’s sports removes the possibility for “K through 12 Women to become scholarship, pro athletes”… the vast majority of REAL women athletes must give up their opportunities for politics, NOT BIOLOGY, REALITY OR FACT!!

    Self esteem, positive mental health outcomes, self confidence and scholastic achievement is completely ELIMINATED when Biological Fairness for competition is replaced with Political Garbage. It’s even worse when the 0.01% of the people Expect the rest of us to not only be fine with this, but get criticized for not embracing it.

    Therefore, Emma and her group are:
    BIGOTED for attempting to force everyone else to comply to their beliefs
    SEXIST for being an ANTI-women’s rights
    and STUPID for claiming that its “Unconstitutional”…NO amendment gives Males the Right to participate in Female sports…its just crazy


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