Indiana lawmaker accusing Curtis Hill of groping comes forward

(Photo Supplied/Indiana Attorney General)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP): An Indiana lawmaker at the center of groping allegations lodged against Republican Attorney General Curtis Hill has come forward.

Democratic state Rep. Mara Candelaria Reardon published her own account of the March 15 incident, which occurred at an Indianapolis bar, in The (Northwest Indiana) Times newspaper.

She says Hill leaned toward her, put his hand on her back, slid it down and grabbed her buttocks.

The Munster lawmaker says she told Hill to “back off,” but he approached her again later in the night, put his hand on her back and said: “That skin. That back.”

Candelaria Reardon called on all Indiana residents of “good will” to demand Hill’s resignation.

She said she is speaking out now to support other women who have accused Hill of groping them that night.


  1. 3 months later..?… if it happened,,, why don’t they make a big noise about it then..!,,,,..?,,, if I see a person about to get hit by a car,,, I don’t wait till I’m home and yell,, LOOK OUT..!.!


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