Indiana COVID-19 death toll surpasses 900


INDIANAPOLIS (WOWO): The COVID-19 death toll in Indiana has surpassed 900.

The Indiana State Department of Health reported 57 new deaths occurring between April 18 and April 27 on Tuesday, pushing the death toll to 901.

They also say there are 650 new positive cases, moving the total number of positive cases to 16,588. Overall, 87,181 people have been tested.

You can view the state’s full COVID-19 dashboard here.

In Allen County, two more residents died from COVID-19 and another 22 tested positive, pushing the death toll to 41 and total positive cases to 514.

The county and state numbers may not match up due to a delay in private lab reporting to the state.


  1. You DO realize that these numbers are 100% inaccurate. Total inflation. By continuing to repeat these contrived numbers, WOWO only serves to exacerbate the severity this marketing event has imposed on us all. This isn’t news. This is mass event marketing at it worst.


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