Indiana bill would ditch required barriers at small wineries

"Wine" by Denice Mattox, some rights reserved

STARLIGHT, Ind. (AP): Indiana lawmakers are considering doing away with a requirement that small wineries put up barriers to keep minors away from areas where alcohol is served.

The News and Tribune reports that the idea is part of a bill co-authored by Republican state Rep. Ed Clere of New Albany. The measure would make several changes to state laws regulating alcohol.

The proposal would put small wineries in the same category as boats and bowling alleys, where minors can be present where alcohol is served.

The barriers at small wineries weren’t required less than a year ago. Ted Huber is president of Huber’s Orchard and Winery in Borden. Huber says their presence in causing problems for his customers with children.

The House’s public policy committee is scheduled to vote on the bill Tuesday.


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