Hoosierland the hot bed for fireworks, Lucretia Cardenas has the story

Lucretia Cardenas of the “Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly” joined Steve Shine on “Fort Wayne’s Morning News” to talk about what is coming up in this week’s issue:

1) Hoosier firework sales remain hot
Indiana is known to surrounding states as the hot-spot for fireworks purchases due to its more lax laws. And, despite some neighboring states loosening their fireworks bans in recent years, sales remain strong in Indiana.
2) Brexit likely to have minimal local impact
A couple of business days after the “Brexit” vote, it did not appear to area financial adviser groups or other observers that northeast Indiana’s economy would see serious unfavorable ripple effects anytime soon, if at all.
3) 2015 Best Value CEO
State Bank Financial Group’s stock price also rose nearly 21 percent in 2015, an achievement that helped earn Mark Klein the title of Business Weekly’s Best Value CEO for the second year in a row – and the third time in four years.
4) CEO compensation creates controversy
David Dvorak, the chief executive officer of Warsaw-based Zimmer Biomet Holdings, received a raise of 19.6 percent, or about $1.87 million in total compensation, in 2015 – over the same period that his company’s stock price slumped 8.8 percent. It wasn’t all roses for other area CEOs, however.


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