Hill issues update on Klopfer investigation

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INDIANAPOLIS (WOWO): The 2,246 preserved fetal remains found in the Illinois home of a late former doctor that performed abortions in Fort Wayne, South Bend, and Gary all came from Indiana.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill made that announcement to the media in Indianapolis this morning regarding the case of Dr. Ulrich Klopfer.

“The remains had records that were attached to them, so we were able to identify them with those records, which identified the location and timing,” Hill said.

Hill says authorities are investigating a number of potential crimes, ranging from abandoned medical records to the transporting of human remains across state lines.

Klopfer’s license was suspended in 2015 for failing to exercise reasonable care and violating notice and documentation rules, including his failure to report an abortion performed on a 13-year-old.

“We’ve had calls from mothers of children who had been aborted, who have contacted us to inquire (whether their remains were among those discovered), so we are very sensitive to that issue,” Hill said.

Hill adds that Klopfer’s family has been “very cooperative” with the investigation, which is also looking into who else may have known about the situation.

If you have tips or questions concerning the case, you can call 317-234-6663 or send an email to questions@atg.in.gov.


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