Henry holds open house at campaign headquarters

(Heather Starr/WOWO News)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – Mayor Tom Henry held an open house yesterday at his campaign headquarters, where he announced the hiring of several people to assist in his campaign.

Mayor Henry has hired four people to assist in his re-election.  Alex Wulpi will serve as the Communications Director for his campaign.  Wulpi is a Fort Wayne native, Marine Corps Veteran and a graduate from IPFW’s Communications Department.

Derek Camp is taking on the position of Field Director.  Camp has experience with several Indiana political campaigns.

Hayley McElhoe has taken the role of Deputy Field Director of the north region.  McElhoe is a graduate of Indiana University Bloomington and has also worked on various campaigns in the Hoosier state.

Erin McCarthy will serve as Deputy Field Director of the south region.  McCarthy graduate of Indiana University School of Public and Environment Affairs and also the Lilly School of Philanthropy.

Mayor Henry said his focus is to finish the initiatives that the city has been spending the last two or three years putting together.  Such as the Landing, Promenade Park, the new Hampton Hotel, the new Boutique Hotel and finish up the Ardmore project by the airport.   He say’s “We have a few more projects that hopefully we’ll be announcing here in the next month or two.”  He says a lot of time, effort, money and work in general has gone into developing a number of initiatives for the past few years.  “Now we’re to a point financially and otherwise that we can begin to put them into motion.”

Mayor Henry says “It’s been an honor to serve as Mayor of Fort Wayne since 2008. But more so than looking back, I’m looking forward to a positive, spirited campaign against Republican challenger Tim Smith.”

When asked how he would respond if the campaign turned negative like the Republican primary, Mayor Henry said he hopes his opponent doesn’t go that route, but if he does, “What I’ll ask him to do is to prove his statements… to back up what he says.”  He said if his opponent makes statements that he feels are inappropriate, then he will challenge him on those.

“We’ll compete against any city for jobs. We’ll compete against any city to bring in new residents. Every one of the areas that we measure as mayors, Fort Wayne is doing a pretty good job… We’re out there asking for money, dialing for dollars, if you will, because we know it’s going to take that.  Hopefully, my record and the record of my administration speaks volumes already.”


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