Henry blasts Banks, Braun, Young on Jan 6th Commission

(WOWO News)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry is at odds with some of the area’s representatives in Washington, D.C.

In an opinion piece published in the Journal Gazette today, Henry, a Democrat, says Congressman Jim Banks and Senators Todd Young and Mike Braun, all Republicans, all failed the public by not voting in favor of a bipartisan commission to investigate the deadly January 6th insurrection at the U.S. Capitol that some have blamed on former President Donald Trump.

Henry writes that “at a time when our country and state needed leadership, we didn’t get it”, adding that he thinks everyone can agree we need to know what happened that day, and why.

“It’s my hope that the public takes notice of what’s going on,” Henry writes. “Now more than ever, we need individuals who exhibit profiles in courage rather than lack the courage to do what’s right even if your political party of choice doesn’t agree with you.”

Banks, Young, and Braun have all said they doubted the commission would truly be bipartisan and that federal investigators are already on the case.


  1. Sorry Mayor Henry, but if you think this commission will be bipartisan, you are in cognitive decline. If your party wants to be fair, why aren’t they investigating the still ongoing Antifa riots in Portland or the BLM riots that have occurred in multiple states? You are a nice person Mayor Henry, but Fort Wayne really needs term limits for the mayor. For the sake of your health and your family, don’t run for reelection and stay out of national politics.

    • I agree, but your comment was much nicer than mine was going to be. He should just be glad there isn’t a commission to investigate his dirty business dealings.

      • And both of your responses are nicer than mine! How this person continues to be elected mayor baffles me. I think Mayor Tom & creepy Joe are both in cognitive decline.

    • Common sense is spelled “common” you’ve proven you haven’t any. A bipartisan investigation is exactly what’s needed, you conspiracy theory whacko’s wouldn’t believe it otherwise. Heck you wouldn’t believe it if tRump told you himself, however, you would believe any lies he tells. Your candidate lost and he tried to overthrow a fair and just election, all those taking part in 1-6-2021 sedition should be placed in Guantanamo bay with the rest of the terrorists.

      • Jeffery Monce is spelled “moron”, though you have proven you are. Please take your schizophrenia medication and wake up to reality. Democrats have yet to prove they are willing to do anything Bipartisan. You Democrat whacko’s love to believe conspiracy theories….Russian won the 2016 election….Ukraine phone call….

        “Fair and Just Election” with wide-spread unverifiable mail-in ballots in the 5 States ( Cities ran by Democrats) Trump needed to Lose, right after 4 years earlier Russia won the 2016?…again, take your medication.

        Nobody Screamed “Insurrection” When those Left-wing Terrorists causes chaos outside of the Whitehouse requiring Trump to go unground….What?… Forgot about that?…or doesn’t fit your stupid narrative?

        Take your meds….

    • Henry is outing himself as a typical Dem politician with his comments. You are correct about the Fort Wayne riots. He is a mayor and should not waste time on national politics. Its past time for Henry to retire.

    • He was marching with the rioters along with all of the Demo-crats such as Sharon Tucker. He needs to concentrate on the rising crime in this city especially on the SE side of town. They have done nothing to try to reduce this.

  2. Don’t worry, Mayor Henry. It’s pretty hard to miss what’s going on with the insane spending, inflation, immigration crisis, struggle sessions, and everything else undermining America. I think the Capitol riot is the least of our concerns at this point seeing as how all those idiots are being arrested and prosecuted already. But if they want to dig in and ban Facebook from the internet due to them allowing the organization of January 6th to take place, then have at it.

  3. They should start a Local Commission on public figure corruption….and have it ran by all Republicans with 1 or 2 (token) Democrats and call it “bipartisan”…I’m sure Tom Henry would be all for it.

    Oh, it would be great… The “bipartisan” commission could look into Bribery and and Real-estate dealings with the City….What do you say Tom?

    The only difference between the Commissions would be the Local commission would actually find Fraud at the Executive level.

  4. “Henry writes. ‘Now more than ever, we need individuals who exhibit profiles in courage rather than lack the courage to do what’s right even if your political party of choice doesn’t agree with you.’”

    Now THAT takes a ton of chutzpa to say — no Dimocrat EVER has the courage to stand up to the leftist lunacy pushed by their party — they are in lockstep all the way to perdition

  5. It’s so illogical that Trump supporters (most Republicans) want to equate the Jan 6th insurrection with Black Lives Matter demonstrations. People storming our country’s capital building CANNOT BE equated with in the street demonstrations. Our current congressmen (voted in just because they are Republicans) are shameful cowards who are afraid of a pathetic loser. Why don’t Hoosiers wake up and realize the Republican Party is now the Trump party.

    • It’s so illogical that Politcal Sheep (most Democrats) do not recognize the amazingly slanted narrative in this Country.

      Nobody Screamed “Insurrection” When those Left-wing Terrorists (BLM & ANTIFA) causes chaos outside of the Whitehouse requiring Trump to go unground. Nobody is ordering a “bipartisan” committee to investigate that….But Wait, they are “street demonstrations”. LOL

      People on the Right just want the Constitution to be followed. Trump followed the Constitution much closed than anyone prior since Regan.

      SO many Democrats have their head in the sand and accept all the National Media tells you. Also, Democrats don’t care about the Constitution, Freedom and personal responsibility and are good with an authoritarian Government.

      Go ahead, try and Prove me wrong.

  6. Maybe King Henry should worry about his own back yard…quadruple homicides…baseball bat assaults….dismembered bodies?

  7. Why isn’t tom henry calling for a commission to expose the traitorous chicom corruption of the Xo Xiden family? Or how about chicom spy loving Eric Swalwell and Adam Schifty Schiff? Or perhaps a commission on Fancy Nancy “et em eat expensive ice cream” Pelosi land Chuck “U” Schumer. Best of all, how about a federal commission to find out why thousands of violent protesters from last summer are let go scot-free and a handful of people that got out of control at the capitol are being relentlessly pursued by the full force of the FBI yet the name of the cop that murdered Veteran Ashlee Babbit who was no threat to anyone?? We thave a two tiered justice system now and tom henry is just fine with it.

  8. Why don’t we ask mayor Henry about his relationship with the highest priced health system in Indiana, who bought his former business, I’ve never seen or worked with a more self absorbed individual, don’t worry about the murder rate, I have my legacy to be concerned with.

  9. Somebody should look into the deals with the most expensive health system and the Mayor. When I worked with him he was the most self absorbed person who only cared about his legacy and how many streets and bridges would be named after him


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