Hearing Officer recommends AG Curtis Hill’s license be suspended for 2 months

(Photo Supplied/Indiana Attorney General)

INDIANAPOLIS, In (WOWO): A hearing officer is recommending Attorney General Curtis Hill’s license be suspended for two months over groping allegations. Former Supreme Court Justice Myra Selby said Hill’s actions were “offensive, invasive, damaging and embarrassing” and said that Hill compounded the problem by using his staff for what she called an “incendiary” campaign to discredit the women.

Selby concluded that Hill appears more concerned with his poltical and personal reputation than addressing the charges before the court. elby says the Indiana Disciplinary Commission failed to prove Hill committed sexual battery, which would require establishing sexual intent. But she says the commission did establish Hill committed battery. She rejects the suggestion the physical contact was accidental or inadvertent. And while a special prosecutor declined to file criminal charges, Selby says there’s ample precedent to contradict defense attorneys’ argument that a criminal charge is required.

She says even non-criminal misbehavior can be “prejudicial to the administration of justice.”Selby’s recommends that Hill not be automatically reinstated at the end of the 60-day suspension. The Disciplinary Commission had sought a two-year suspension without automatic reinstatement. Hill’s attorneys argued the case should be dismissed.

The suspension throws Hill’s re-election into jeopardy as Indiana Law mandates that the Attorney General be a licensed attorney.



  1. This case is ridiculous to say the least. I did not read anywhere where he was found guilty of anything, therefore, his life must be ruined for allegations? Maybe Myra Selby will be removed as a hearing officer if I claim she grabbed me when I walked by her in a restaurant…?

    “She says even non-criminal misbehavior….” just like the fake Trump Impeachment where there was not crime in the indictment….POS Democrats!!


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