Growing evidence of Project Mastadon/Amazon ties

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The company behind the big Project Mastadon distribution center in Fort Wayne is becoming a secret that almost everybody already knows.

Rumors have abounded for weeks that the occupant of a 110-foot-tall, 630,000-square-foot e-commerce warehouse to be built along US 30 near Sweetwater Sound is Amazon.

City officials won’t say who the owner is, but ABC 21 reporter Jeff Neumeyer says there is growing evidence that proves it:

“Connection to Amazon can be traced to three key partners (on the project). In an architectural permit filing with the state of Indiana from earlier this year, you find the name ‘Amazon’ laying out signage for ‘Project Mastadon’ in Fort Wayne.”

Fort Wayne officials say the project will create 1,000 permanent full-time jobs when completed.


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