Governor Mike Pence will vote for Ted Cruz

INDIANAPOLIS (AP): Indiana Gov. Mike Pence says he’ll vote for Ted Cruz for the GOP presidential nomination.

Ted Cruz was looking to Indiana’s governor to help stop Donald Trump’s march to the Republican presidential nomination. Cruz said today that he’d “enthusiastically welcome” Gov. Mike Pence’s support before the state’s primary Tuesday.

Cruz needs a victory after getting swept by Trump in five Northeastern states this week.

An Indiana victory would all but ensure Trump becomes the presumptive nominee before the GOP’s national convention.

The Indiana Democratic Party Chair John Zody released a statement saying, “This endorsement may grab headlines, but Mike Pence has said he would vote for whoever is the Republican nominee – even if it’s Donald Trump.”


  1. One of the wimpiest endorsements I ever heard. Since Pence left broadcasting and was elected his spine has turned to jelly.


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