Gov.-backed bill makes distracted driving primary offense

"Smartphone" by Hamza Butt, CC BY 2.0

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine is backing legislation that makes distracted driving reason enough to pull someone over.

The bipartisan bill announced Thursday addresses writing, sending or looking at texts, watching or recording photos or videos, or live-streaming while handling an electronic device, among other activities.

The legislation would make those a primary offense, meaning police don’t need another reason to pull drivers over first. The bill would also increase fines for people who are caught regularly using electronic devices while driving in Ohio.

Exemptions include using a phone to place an emergency call.


  1. Just this morning….2 people on my way into work, the 4 miles I drive every day…1) swerving all over the lane and driving 10 mph under speed limit. 2) runs the red light while I was approaching my green light at the intersection. These are driving habits I encounter daily. And no, I do not ever use my devise while driving. Driving is for transportation, not entertainment….or for commute, not communication.

    This bill should have happened as soon as cell phones became popular years ago. People already suck at driving without cell phone distraction, such as the women that ran over 3 kids at their bus stop, Try putting a phone in her hands…..I know that was an extreme case, but terrible driving is typical. Just listen to WOWO traffic every morning and the “accidents” reported on various roadways.

    On a side note: If everyone knows the distracted driving can cause “accidents”…..should they be classified as “accidents” when they occur?


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