Girl saves family from fire

(Kayla Blakeslee/WOWO 1190AM/107.5FM)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Network Indiana): A nine-year-old girl is being praised for helping her family escape from a house fire in Fort Wayne.

Last week, Abby Butler was awakened by the sound of smoke detectors going off in her house. A fire had somehow started in the kitchen.

Abby grabbed her autistic six-year-old brother and they army-crawled out of the home, which is something her father, a firefighter, taught them; but their mother had not made it out yet. It turned out Kari Butler was trapped in the basement.

Abby then ran to the fire station next to her house and told firefighters what happened. They got there in seconds and rescued her mom.

Everyone is OK, but the family cat is missing.


  1. On a side note, this story should bring awareness to the fact that ALL Houses ought to have an escape route possibility, for a basement, provided you spend a lot of time down there.
    I personally lived in my parents basement for…
    (..please, no comments.. i’m not your stereotypical.. Well, yeah, i did have an extensive comic book collection.. yes, i do like Star Trek.. but we are getting off topic here.)
    Where was.?. ahh, for years.
    Because of dwelling downstairs, without a walkout, we fashioned a sturdy shelf in my bedroom. A shelf, that could double as a ladder below the only basement window.
    Please, always try to have a contingency plan for emergency situations.

    Such good thinking on behalf of this 9-year-old. She has instilled me with hope, that there may yet be a future for good-deed-doers! During a frantic situation, she could act upon her knowledge.
    She rescued her sibling, and her Mum. Those parents should be very proud.
    Stuff can be replaced, but lives cannot. Well done!

    I know it can’t always be said, but in this instance, i AM glad that this Butler did it!
    (see what i did there?)
    🙂 I need to get back to work…


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