Generation Gap / Episode 4

GENERATION GAP: Baby Boomer vs. Millennial. He thinks Millennials take too many selfies, while she thinks Boomers can’t take a joke. Get perspective through the mind of a Millennial and a Baby Boomer because after all, generation gaps will always be there.

EPISODE 4: From fake news in your news feeds to recliners in your living rooms, this is Generation Gap.

Previous episodes of Generation Gap:

EPISODE 3: What would your list of tax free necessities look like and should they be tax free? And do millennials need help with social skills? Welcome to Generation Gap!

EPISODE 2: Should teachers carry guns in schools? A a new low on “No Texting and Driving” campaigns and gross bodily fluid attacks; this is Generation Gap!

EPISODE 1: Do you smuggle food into the movies? Are you protesting the immigration ban or are you actively shunning Starbucks? Welcome to Generation Gap!


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