Gender-affirming care ban bill passes out of House committee

("Indiana Statehouse" by Shawna Pierson, CC BY 2.0)

STATEWIDE (Network Indiana) – You’ve probably heard about a bill that would ban gender affirming care for transgender children in Indiana. Tuesday, the bill went through it’s final Indiana House committee hearing.

Senate Bill 480 would ban doctors from providing medical care specifically for Hoosier kids wanting to change their gender which would include hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and surgery. The bill passed out of the House committee Tuesday morning, and now heads to the full House for a vote.

That’s the last step before it reaches the desk of Governor Eric Holcomb.

“Senate Bill 480 is part of the slate of hate,” said Katie Blair with the ACLU of Indiana Tuesday, “a historic number of bills that single out LGBTQ Hoosiers.”

Dr. Michael Pedilya spoke in favor of the bill, “I believe this law is necessary to prevent well meaning, but misguided physicians from aggravating the emotional trauma they are attempting to treat through the experimental means of manipulating, and in some cases, permanently destroying their patients otherwise healthy body parts.”

Doctors would still be allowed to provide counseling and mental health services.


  1. “Senate Bill 480 is part of the slate of hate,” said Katie Blair with the ACLU of Indiana Tuesday, “a historic number of bills that single out LGBTQ Hoosiers.”

    Blair thinks that NOT mutilating children for life before they even have the knowledge and maturity to make such a decision is hateful. Really, that tells you all you need to know about the people pushing the transgender agenda. Pass Bill 480 and any other Bills that serve to protect children from these abusive monsters.

  2. Seems like it would be worth an Investigators’ time to look into this Katie Blair since she is clearly for Child Abuse and Grooming. ACLU is anything but protecting “Civil Liberties”…unless you want to Exploit Children.

    Hey Todd Rokita….You should look into this…..Let’s see how the ACLU is being Funded…

  3. The only group spewing hate was the trans support group. They shouted over testimonies in support of this bill and they cursed people who testified. There was a family, who came to oppose the bill. They had a 14 year old boy transitioning into a girl. All of them cried in terror. They said that their “daughter” will lose vital care that helps their child thrive and be happy if this bill passes. I just can’t help but ask: who scared them into believing that this is a vital care? I could tell that their emotions were real, but what kind of medical professional would scare someone into making their child a lifetime patient? How is this thriving?

    Every testimony in opposition of this bill had one main point: you have to allow transition or else suicide. Word “suicide” came over and over and over. When I was a teenager, I remember a girl who committed suicide over a pair of jeans her mother couldn’t afford. Do we have to give our children anything they demand? What if they demand drugs and start using suicide threat to get them? Or maybe suicidal thoughts is a mental issue and needs to be addressed as such?

    Trans support websites teach children to use word suicide to get what they want. Most common phrase would you rather have a dead daughter than a living son? – this is one of their slogans! They specifically teach children that suicide is a natural and normal reaction if parents don’t comply with your demands! This is crazy!

    Some doctors came in opposition of the bill. They stated that medical society has a consensus that transition is an appropriate and the only available option. “the government doesn’t need to intervene into medical decisions, it is between families and their doctors” Well, there was a time when lobotomy was considered appropriate and was supported by medical professionals. The truth is that doctors are being intimidated, they are afraid to be accused of conversion therapy. In reality, transition is the conversion therapy.

    I support this bill! Hopefully they will raise the age of informed consent to 25


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