FWPD makes protest-related arrests

("Police Car Lights" by Scott Davidson, CC BY 2.0)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The Fort Wayne Police Department made several arrests during a traffic stop on Coliseum Blvd. yesterday, some of which were related to alleged plots to turn peaceful protests in downtown Fort Wayne into violent ones.

Officers pulled over a vehicle in the 1500 block of Coliseum Blvd. yesterday afternoon, but the two men inside the vehicle, 40-year-old Erin Fogg and 31-year-old Josiah Dees, initially refused to exit the vehicle. One of them went live on Facebook to document the situation.

Police believe the two men were involved in planning “acts of violence against citizens, police officers and the city,” according to Public Information Officer Sofia Rosales-Scatena, who added that police were acting on “tips from the community.” Both men were eventually taken into custody without incident.

During the traffic stop, police say a “large violent crowd” began to develop. One man, 60-year-old Christian Wolfe, allegedly parked in the road close to the scene and refused to leave. He was arrested, as was 33-year-old Naomi Dees, who officers say “violently approached officers and refused to leave.”

The full list of arrests and charges is as follows:

ERIN FOGG – DOB 4-30-1980 – Rioting, Disorderly conduct, Obstruction of Traffic, Resisting Law Enforcement

JOSIAH DEES – DOB 1-25-1989 – Refusal to Leave an Emergency Incident Area, Resisting Law Enforcement (2 counts); Obstruction of Traffic

CHRISTIAN WOLFE – DOB 3-11-1960 – Refusal to Leave an Emergency Incident Area; Resisting Law Enforcement

NAOMI DEES – DOB 4-14-1987 – Refusal to Leave an Emergency Incident Area


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