FWCS reports multiple COVID-19 cases

Photo Supplied - FWCS

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Employees of Fort Wayne Community Schools are stressed out.

That’s according to Superintendent Mark Daniel, who told the school board last night that anxiety levels are high as both staff and students try to tackle the task of learning in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Journal Gazette reports the district has confirmed multiple COVID-19 cases already, less than a week into the new school year, with two staffers and about a dozen students all testing positive.

Daniel also noted that the school district has added eight nurses and 13 health aides to its health staff.

FWCS will be operating on a two-hour delay tomorrow as teachers hold a “professional learning” session to brainstorm ways to serve the district’s remote learning students.


  1. Fake news, don’t believe anything that comes out of crazy leftist FWCS. Makes no sense to be scared, why do we need a vaccine for something that kills so few.

  2. An even more important issue…FWCS is Indoctrinating your children beginning this year. 1st grade, 2nd grade…that’s right. they are starting them at an early age for BLM, diversity training, white privilege, etc….

    WOWO, I asked you 2 weeks ago about reporting on this. You have any results yet? You want me to contact my teacher friend to see if they will release the curriculum?

    Left-wing indoctrination is way worse than the flu virus

    • Glenn Beck just did a whole segment on this with 800 leaked documents about what they are doing with our kids. I’m so glad I chose complete homeschool for my 13 year old, no remote shit just good old fashion books , and hands on learning. ALL AT HOME..I completely signed him out of the public school system.

      • EACS is refusing to report Covid-19 cases in the school. They are citing “confidentiality”…
        That’s A LIE. HIPAA and FERPA are null and void when it comes to covid-19 case counts. I am not asking about an individual student.

        The reason why this matters:
        Schools want BOATLOADS of information on both student and parent.
        But are refusing to give out vital information to make informed decisions.

        THe schools have far too much power. TOO MUCH POWER!
        Schools(not blaming any one) have a long history of covering up abuses. I would like to think this issue would warrent transparency.
        If they are citing confidentiality on covid-19 case counts during a world wide pandemic, what else would they hide?

        Public schools are publicly funded institutions that we entrust our children with.
        This situation is an perfect example as to why they can not be trusted and do not deserve the funding from parents aka TAX PAYERS.

  3. Do we know if exposure in the classroom resulted in the SARS-CoV2 positive results.? Current science studies would imply that the time frame is too short for everyone of the positive results to be caused by just classroom exposure. Students/staff need to follow guidelines not only at school but also in their daily routines. Recent news reports of parties etc. nationally point out how difficult that may be for some. Also recent phycological reports of as high as 25% of our under 25 year old citizens at least contemplated suicide due to the lockdown very concerning. The mental health issues caused by this pandemic and the steps used to address it have just started filtering out from the experts reviewing this side effect. We need to insure that we as a community do not knee jerk back to a process with more unintended results than the virus itself.

  4. I have info on a 5th grade teacher a price elementary that is part of antifa and was part of the riots in downtown Fort Wayne. She had medical supplies and is teaching our kids. I have screen shots of her twitter.


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