FWCS: nearly a third of students without home internet access

("Macbook" by pittaya, CC 2.0)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): As the area’s biggest school district tries to move forward with technology plans, a lack of access is hindering progress.

More than 30% of households within the Fort Wayne Community Schools district don’t have internet access, according to the Journal Gazette.

That’s around 6,000 homes, and that’s a big hurdle as the district looks to move forward on plans to provide each student with a computer or tablet so they can do schoolwork from home in the event that schools are closed, either by the weather or a pandemic.

The district almost has enough equipment already to make their “one-to-one” plan complete, and the school board approved the purchase of 700 more laptops last night at a price of $313,810.


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